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Dynamic IR analysis

Dynamic IR Analysis is a process in which we analyse the dynamic power consumption and
Dynamic voltage drop occurring across the instances when the instances in the design are
switching and are drawing transient current from the source.

Input files for dyanmic IR Analysis
Library Data: LEF, LIB,Apache Tech & APL
Design Data: .V, DEF, PLOC & IPF.TWF,SPE

Factors leading to dynamic IR analyisis

  •  Opens, Shorts, Missing Via, Dangling Nets

  •  More number of high drive strength cells at a close proximity.

  •  More number of leakage cells.

  •  High load & wire capacitance.

  •  High resistive path

Fixes to dynamic IR issues

  • LVS cleaning (opens , shorts, dangling)

  • Decap insertion

  • Spreading high power drivers and clock buffers

  • Replacing low Vt cells with high Vt cells

  • Splitting load

  • Down Sizing

  • Making glitch free design

  • Addition of stripes

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