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Electro Migration

Due to high current density, the electrons within the metal moves with high acceleration. These electrons transfer their momentum to other atoms and also the atoms get displaced from their original position and might create voids and hillocks. Hillocks will create shorts and void will create opens between metal layers.

Input files for EM analysis

Signal EM:.v, .LIB, .SDC, .LEF, .DEF, .SPEF, .CPF, .CL, .QRC

Power EM:.v, .LIB, .SDC, .LEF, .DEF, .SPEF, .CPF, .CL, .QRC

Factors causing EM 

  • Opens,Shorts,Via Damage

  • Strength region of high power drive strength cells

  • Dense region of high activity cells

  • Missing Via

  • Less number of stripes

Fixes to EM

  • For Signal EM

  • Widening the metal

  • Splitting the load

  • Downsizing the cell

  • For Power EM

  • Widening the metal wire

  • Addition of stripes

  • Spreading logic

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