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Grid Check

Grid check is nothing but checking the robustness of Power/Ground network

Input files for grid analysis:LEF,DEF,.V,.PP

Factors resulting in grid failure

  • Opens

  • Shorts

  • Missing via

  • High resistance path

  • Dangling nets

  • Chopped metal pieces

The grid maybe made robust by ensuring the following

  • By fixing the Grid issues like Opens, Shorts, Missing Via, Dangling Nets, Chopped

  • Metal Pieces, Power Bumps/Pads & Stripes placement, Switch Cells Placement etc.

  • By spreading high drive strength cells.

  • By performing VT Swapping i.e. from LVT to HVT.

  • By Load splitting.

  • By fixing high resistive paths.

  • By fixing narrow channel issue.

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