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Static IR analysis

Static IR Analysis is a process in which we analyse the static power consumption and static
IR drop occurring across the instances when the instances in the design are at stand-by mode.

Input files for Static IR Analysis
Library Data: LEF, LIB & Apache Tech
Design Data: .V, DEF, PLOC & IPF

Factors leading to Static IR failure

  •  Opens, Shorts, Missing Via, Dangling Nets

  •  More number of high drive strength cells at a close proximity.

  •  More number of leakage cells.

  •  High load & wire capacitance.

  •  High resistive path

Fixes to static IR issues

  • Dropping Via

  • Uniform distribution of stripes

  • Multi cut via

  • Adding Switch cells

  •  Metal widening

  • Splitting load capacitance.

  • Spreading high drive strength cells.

  • Downsizing high drive strength cells.

  • Replacing LVT with HVT cells

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